ELK Anni Earrings

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    • Butterfly backing 
    • Lightweight 
    • Available in four colourways 
    • Bharat have been making leather designs for Elk since 2017. Located in Delhi India the operation is a modern, well organised facility. Elk visits their workshops at least twice a year and have dedicated people on the ground for Elk working with the Bharat team to assess working conditions, manufacturing processes and to see their goods being made. They are a friendly, open team with a very collaborative environment. Bharat are members of Sedex and have up to date audits in place. Their company value is "We manage to combine the best of people and technology innovation with the support of sustainable and safe production".

      Leathers used are selected for their appearance, suitability and hand feel. Every component and element of these pieces are chosen for a reason. Linings, trims and findings are all carefully selected. Each design is both independently tested and internally tested by the Elk production team, at ELK HQ.
  • 50mm H x 40mm W x 3.6mm D
  • Remnant sheep leather 

This piece is made from sheep leather. You should avoid abrasive surfaces to ensure the surface doesn't scratch and keep the item in a pouch or cloth when it isn't worn.