ELK Malu earring


The Malu Earrings are inspired by sculptural elements, the geometric shapes building one upon the other. Crafted from sustainable timber the beads are threaded onto hoops to make a graphic statement. 

Sustainable Wood5.5cm diameterButterfly backing, they are 100% handmade, crafted from sustainable plantation timber that is grown, managed, harvested and replanted by the Go Green organisation under the guidance of the DNER. Each bead  is hand cut, shaped, dyed and then polished with a natural wax based product. It is handmade in Cebu, Philippines by a family owned workshop called Earthworks who have collaborated with ELK since 2004.

5.5 cm diameter

Avoid water and other liquids, do not store in direct sunlight. If milky spots or marks appear due to contact with liquid they can be removed and the original appearance restored using a suitable natural polish or oil.