ELK Mostro Print Shopper



The Mostro Shopper bag is a fun way to cart about your bits and pieces. We have made it a larger size than your standard tote after lots of us tested different sizes! The bag is made from French linen that has been given a light outer coating to protect the print and keep its vibrancy.

  • Playful printed shopper bag
  • Extra-large size
  • Made from yardage fabric so each piece is unique and nothing goes to waste

100% French Linen (PU coated)

This bag has been crafted from 100% French Linen, a natural fibre from flax grown in the northern regions of France. Linen is a light, breathable fabric that is durable and strong. It wrinkles easily which is part of its appeal, it is easy to care for and becomes softer with age and wear.

Flax is a highly productive crop requiring minimal water, herbicides or pesticides to grow, making it a better environmental choice than many other natural fibres, such as conventionally grown cotton.

The fabric has been finished with a coating that allows for better durability and a slightly shiny finish.

40cm H x 40cm W

15cm Strap

27cm Drop length  

This bag is made from a durable fabric. To keep your piece looking good avoid contact with abrasive surfaces and liquids that contain solvents or alcohol. Spot clean if required with a soft damp cloth.