Elk Sten Earrings


The Sten Earrings are a super lightweight, geometric style crafted from sustainably-sourced timber. The stud design is made from two timber pieces joined with a small section of chain, allowing for just enough movement to make these a fun and dynamic addition to your wardrobe.


This jewellery piece was hand made by skilled artisans in the Philippines, using responsibly sourced timber and other carefully selected materials. Each wooden bead is hand turned and custom dyed, followed with a natural wax polish for surface protection.

The timber was grown in the Philippines in sustainably managed plantations that Elk have been able to visit to learn more about where the timber comes from.

37mm H x 19mm W x 5mm D

Avoid water and other liquids, do not store in direct sunlight. If milky spots or marks appear due to contact with liquid they can be removed and the original appearance restored using jewellery wax or another suitable natural polish.