Ghost & Lola Bird Spirit Earrings


A Beautiful Vintage Golden Bird upon a Filigree Golden/Silver Orb adorned with a vintage Emerald Jewel. 18 carat Gold Plated Earpost.

 In some traditions, mythological birds are responsible for the creation of the universe, including stories in which the world hatches from a golden egg and others in which a bird dives down into the ocean and pulls the land up from underwater.

 There are some mythologies in which birds are seen as sacred or divine. Egyptian mythology tells of the Benu bird that was the first creature in the world and brought the other gods into the world.

 Adorn yourself or a treasured friend with these beautiful god-like earrings made by hand of rare vintage pieces sourced worldwide.


  • Vintage Bird Earrings
  • Handmade in Australia
  • Emerald Jewel
  • Golden and Silver