Ghost & Lola Night Garden Earrings

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Inspired by the idea of strolling through an ancient and beautiful garden at night that is softly lit by candle light, Night Garden Earrings are simply a beautiful new jewel to adorn yourself with.

Vintage carved Asian oval featuring a stunning Nightingale amongst the flowers and hung with a gorgeous vintage golden adorned heart. Light to wear but delightful to view. Handmade in Australia with 18 carat gold plated Ear posts.

In Hans Christian Anderson's tale : 'The Chinese Nightingale" The Emperor is so in love with the night song of the palace Nightingale, he awards it  " Imperial Singer of the Nightstands". 

    Ghost and Lola make all of their jewellery by hand using artisan techniques in Northern NSW Australia. Incorporating vintage and found elements. 

    Expect some variation  in each piece.

    Comes gift boxed