Mayde Eagle Bay Throw


When you're looking for the perfect throw, but can never seems to find it, you think to yourself 'why?'...It shouldn't be so hard... so here's your perfect throw. 

Woven with cotton and wool (you can feel the warmth just from looking at it), the Eagle Bay throw is a perfect combination of size, weight, colour and style. A characteristic but subtle crinkle through the throw and rough selvage also gives it that rustic style without looking too worn. 

Use it at home, take it camping under the stars, or just cuddle up under it as a second layer in the cooler months - wherever you use your Eagle Bay throw, there it will be.


This luxury home throw is...  

Made using Oeko-Tex® certified yarn

Wool / Cotton Blend - Made in Turkey

135cm x 180cm

Colour: Black / White

Weight: 1200g