Seed & Sprout CrunchBox with 3 Pot Set



 The zero-plastic fully-segregated food-grade stainless steel lunchbox for fusspots - with leak-proof pots and CrunchPot included!

The result of an 18-month design process and a Kickstarter project, the CrunchBox™ is the last lunchbox you'll buy.

Give it some TLC (and ensure the kids bring it home each day) and it'll last you a lifetime. Think of all the plastic you'll save!  

Perfect for fussy kids and discerning adults it'll organise and separate your lunch like no other. Featuring four compartments that fit big things (sandwiches and fruit) and little things (sultanas and popcorn) nothing has to touch! 

Deep and large compartments - check. Maximised practically - check. Plastic and BPA free - check. Custom made leak-proof pots & CrunchPot - check! 

It's the easy-clean, flip-top miracle that will change up your lunch food prep.

What You Get
- 1 x stainless steel CrunchBox | 4 compartments
- 2 x Leak-Proof Pots | one round 50ml capacity with a cream silicone lid & one rectangular 100ml capacity with a graphite silicone lid
- 1 x CrunchPot | 375ml capacity with a sage silicone lid
Why We Love Them
Made from food-grade stainless steel, the CrunchBox is odour and stain resistant. It has 4 perfectly-proportioned compartments that are deep enough for fruit and wide enough for sandwiches. It also comes with 2 leak-proof pots for dribbly stuff - one round, one rectangular (the Crunchbox itself isn't leak proof) and the Crunchpot! There are sturdy clasps that are easy to open & friendly for little fingers but hold all of your delicious treats safely. It's made from premium food safe stainless steel and is dishwasher safe & oven safe (but don't put it in the microwave!). Makes lunch easy and fun, and might help to encourage kids to try new foods!
- CrunchBox | 25 x 21cm x 4.5cm deep | Weighs 665g
- CrunchPot | 15cm wide x 10cm deep x 3.5cm high | 375ml capacity
- Leak Proof Pots | Round pot 50ml capacity & Rectangular pot 100ml capacity
Use & Care
Dishwasher safe and also safe to handwash. Oven safe too but please don't put it in the microwave!
Where They're Made
Made ethically with a trusted manufacturing partner in China
Product Certifications
- 304 Food Safe Stainless Steel
- Silicone FDA Approved