Seed & Sprout Tradie Box



 The ultimate triple layered bento box for those extra large portions!

The Seed & Sprout Tradie box is perfectly designed with three layers to end your lunch packing woes, to cover you for a whole day's worth of meals and snacks.

The Tradie Box includes three layers to eliminate the need for plastic baggies, whilst keeping your food conveniently separated.

It’s stain, odour and rust resistant so you never have to worry about it smelling after many uses. And because it’s dishwasher safe, you can use it quickly again and again!

1 x Stackable 3 Level Stainless Steel Tradie Box

18cm x 12cm x 13cm | Capacity 2100ml (700ml capacity in each layer)

Tradie Box is Dishwasher Safe but you can also hand wash. Ensure it's fully dry before storing.

LFGB: The LFGB test ensures that the silicone seal does not contain any harmful or toxic substances.