Affirmations Little Affirmations Box - Meditate

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24 daily reminders for clarity and calm

Featuring the mesmerising art of Cate Edwards paired with meditative quotations that will assist you to soothe your mind, focus on the present and increase your imagination and creativity. The perfect daily companion for today's stressful world.


Over the last 3 decades Affirmations have created and supplied positively inspirational products, they've shared their hearts and encouraged sustainable living. All their products are produced using the most eco-friendly processes where possible.

Affirmations Publishing House is an industry leader in protecting the environment. They believe passing inspirational messages from one person to another creates a positive shift in values, making a better world for us all. Multi-award-winning and proud of it, they are ethical warriors for the global cause to live in natural harmony with our planet. That is the dream.

Barcode/ISBN 9326494025390
Range Little Affirmations - Cate Edwards
Paper Eco-friendly
Illustrator Cate Edwards
Dimensions 115mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 30mm (H)
Designer Affirmations Publishing House Ð Brianna Clarke
Number Of Quotations Cards 24
Format Gift set of 24 cards in a variety of themes with wooden display stand