Affirmations - Ruby Red Shoes Soft Toy


Plush Doll | 40cm tall | Ears: 8cm | Shoes: Ruby Red of course!

Ruby Red Shoes, the very aware hare. Her shoes are ruby red, her fur is white plush and her snuggles are soft and sweet.

She can't wait to show you her pretty new look. She's hopping around in a limited edition Ruby Red Shoes cameo print dress, a pretty pink cardigan, and an evergreen scarf. She's looking forward to a warm welcome into your home and hearts. 

Ruby is sweet and thoughtful with all other beings and the earth. So, it’s important that the way she’s created doesn’t cause harm. She’s hand-made in a fair-trade factory. Her body is comprised of sustainable textiles, including 100% cotton skin and recycled polyester inside. Her buttons are recycled polyester too!

Barcode/ISBN 9326494026281
Lives in A prettily-painted caravan with her grandmother Babushka Galina Galushka
Loves Cups of tea, feathery quilts, posies of flowers