Sage & Clare Safia Scrunchie Set


Treat your hair to gentle wear and a playful pop of colour with the perfect accessory: a scrunchie! Made from gorgeous fabric off-cuts that were just too pretty to throw away, take your pick from three perfect patterns and mix up your look whenever you want.

“Taking advantage of every last scrap of our beautiful printed textiles, this scrunchie set combines the best seasonal florals and geometric motifs. A throughline of brown tones make them easy to pair with our apparel range.” – Phoebe’s Style Notes

  • Handcrafted from leftover fabric pieces, because even our offcuts are too pretty to waste
  • Elasticated for comfortable, gentle wear
  • Sold as a set of three, because three is better than one

One size
Port, Tiramisu, Mocha, Valencia, Crema, Sorbet, Cosmos
Made from European flax linen