Seed & Sprout The Snack Pot - Juniper


The 100% leakproof & plastic free SnackPot. BPA and toxin free for those with a serious dedication to plastic free snacking.

Sometimes you just need space for more snacks alongside your Crunchbox, the SnackPot holds an impressive 740mL.

 Premium certified silicone is used in this product which means that it has passed rigorous testing standards. It’s also lightweight and dishwasher safe!   

Perfect for holding dips and crudités, popcorn or a full sized sandwich to get you through your work or school day.  Or maybe this is the perfect solution to housing your homemade protein balls or gluten free muffins? 

Snack Pot is made of premium food-grade stainless steel, is 100% leak-proof and has an easy peel-off lid made from food-safe silicone (BPA and plastic free!). The Snack Pot is ideal for sandwiches, fruit, and salads.

740mL Capacity

12.6cm square x 6cm high

weight: 245g

Steel thickness: 0.5mm.

Wash before first use, hand wash in warm water, dry completely before storing